The Jimenez JA-380
This little wonder gun can be turned into a reliable and trustworthy friend.
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This little inexpensive handgun amazes me.  With a bit of love and care, it is now a handgun that I can trust my life to.  It really has a lot going for it.
  1. Very reasonably priced (affordable).
  2. Small, slim and light weight (easy to conceal and carry).
  3. Fires a respectable personal protection round: 380 ACP.
  4. Very accurate for a handgun of this size.
  5. Quite stylish, and is easy on the eyes.
  6. Readily available, and so is the ammunition.
  7. Will have a long life if properly cared for and maintained.
  8. Lifetime warranty.

Taming the Jimenez J.A.-380
To learn what I did to turn this handgun into the reliable and trustworthy handgun that it is today, follow my links below.
  1. Chamber and Feed-Ramp
  2. Trigger-Pull
  3. Smoothing Slide Operation and Curing Slide-Bite
  4. Magazine Tuning
  5. Take-Down Button, Trigger and Grip
  6. Bolt-Face
  7. Misc.
  8. Tools Used
  9. Jimenez Arms Info.

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