Taming the Jimenez JA-380
Take-Down Button, Trigger and Grip

Take-Down Button
The take-down button needed a little work.  The pin-hook was a little too long, so it was very difficult to break the gun down.  In fact, it was so difficult at first that the only way to break the gun down after depressing the button was to use a small screwdriver slipped into the seam between the button and frame.  It had to be pried apart.
take-down button
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The pin-hook was a little bit long, and as you can see in the picture above marked with the red arrow, I trimmed it a little and rounded the edge.  I also quickly de-burred the back two edges marked with yellow, and trimmed and rounded the edge marked with green.  This worked very well, and now the gun comes apart a lot easier.

The trigger on this gun had such sharp edges, and such a sharp mold seam down the center of the trigger face, that it made a sore trigger finger very quickly.  It was very uncomfortable to shoot, but fortunately the trigger is made of plastic which is easy to alter.
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Without removing the trigger, I simply used my pocket-knife to scrape the sharp plastic corners down to a nice rounded and smooth edge, as you can see in the above pictures.  I scraped down the mold seam on the trigger face in the same way.  I just quickly reshaped the trigger enough until it was comfortable.

The right-side grip had a rather pronounced lower corner, more so then the left-side grip.  This corner made for very uncomfortable shooting for my niece's small hand, and actually cased some bruising of flesh and nerves.  On close examination, it became clear that really anyone with a small hand would have some discomfort, because of where and how this corner hit the palm of the hand.  There is a quite sensitive nerve in that area, and the grip hit it spot-on for smaller hands.
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It is easy to see what I did to it in the above picture.  I simply used the small fold-out file from my Leatherman brand multi-tool to quickly file it into a better shape.  I had to thin it down and round it a little more.  It was easy to do while still attached to the handgun, and made for easy testing too.  I tried to make it look as good as I could, not wanting it to take away from the good looks of the gun.  Any metal-file, or course sandpaper, would have worked just as well.   Surprisingly, it is now more comfortable for everyone.


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